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How to make Money In 24 hours
(Ideas on how to Hustle Money Fast )

make money
[Kindle Edition]

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This book is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. It may not be resold or shared if you would like to share please purchase a second copy. All work in this book is a work of fiction. Any names or similar real life persons or actual places and brands are fictitious.
All rights reserved.

How to make Money In 24 hours
I will teach you how to hustle money fast.
I grew up in south-west Philadelphia. My family didn’t have much, but we maintained. My mother worked hard all her life to take care of us. Dad wasn’t around, so we did our best. I dreamed of a better life since I was young, prompted by watching the lifestyles of celebrities on TV, and how they could buy just about anything.

“I wanted to live like this!”
No more problems, no more worries about paying bills or going hungry. I wanted to be rich!
Doesn’t every one want to be rich?
But like I said in my book David and Goliath.

(Not everyone can be rich and famous, because if everyone were rich and famous, there would be no such thing as being rich and famous.)

This book will not teach you how to become rich. Because no one can teach you how to become rich. We have to face it! Things don’t work that way. There is no such thing as a get rich quick idea. Trust me I have tried just about everything.
Think about it. Very wealthy or rich people, don’t give out secrets. “They may sell you an idea!” Or give advice, but never a step by step guide to do exactly what they did to become rich.
“Buy penny stocks.”
“Buy real estate.”Resell this?
“Start a business with no credit.”
“Get grant money for free.”
Just buy my product or obtain one of my thousand dollar seminars.

It’s all bull crap. “You’re tossing your money in the trash!”
I have been to many free seminars and moneymaking workshops.

Most of them have the same goal (to get people to sign up to learn freely available information online). Just think, if these people are making so much money, ( like millions), why sell your the information to very few people. Maybe gaining a few thousand, which is pennies if they are already a millionaires, like most claim.
I’ll tell you why. Because they are making their money off you. They making money feeding you an idea of being like them.
Here’s an example of one seminar I went was to about stocks. I had worked for a hotel as a dish washer and managed to walk in on a free seminar while I was on break.
How to make money buying and selling stocks. The speaker was good, and very motivating. When the stock goes up. You do what guys? “You sell!” Yes, you got it! And when it goes down. “You buy!” That’s right! You got it guys! I became a millionaire by doing just that, selling stocks.

But how do you pick a stock?

What stocks do I pick?

Whom you can I sell my stocks too?

When do I sell my stock?

“I will answer all these questions and more.”

If you sign up for my 5-day workshop, i’ll teach you how to become a millionaire by selling your stocks.
The price was something like $1000 bucks.
A few people ran to sign up table with checkbooks in hand.
Only later, I found out those people were working for the speaker. While leaving work that night, I noticed the speaker and the few people who rushed to sign up were getting into the same car together. “This was a hustle!”
Selling people dreams of making money, selling stocks. It’s crazy but people are doing this, and getting away with it.
So, I started thinking…! What hustle could I do to start making some money?
But nothing illegal! Or, taking advantage of people’s hard-earned money.

Working as a dishwasher didn’t pay much. Like everyone, I had bills. I didn’t have money for college, My car always broke down, ( I never had gas away), and rent was due every month,
And I had a baby on the way.
Investing money is great, when you have extra money.
Most people would say, build your credit and get a loan. I tried that as well. It worked out good for a while.
But like every loan you have to pay it back with interest. Leading me into more debt. ( Tip: Never get a loan unless you have stable income).
Jobs like Seasonal, Temp -employment or agency work.
So don’t go out, and buy something that requires payments.
( unless you can pay it off in a short time) for exp: 30 days or less.

“Now back to my story!”
I needed money fast,. Like now.

So I started to hustle! But what is a hustle? To HUSTLE just means to work hard to gain something.
For me my hustle was to gain a little extra money. To help with anything I needed until something in my life changed.
Most people say go to college!
Get a good paying job with benefits.
Go to a tech or trade school,. And Learn something.

But what if you don’t have money to go to school?
Just apply for a student loan, they’d say. ( Don’t do it )
Trust me student loans are the biggest ripe -off. They never seem to go away if you fail to pay them off. Plus, they have rates that can almost triple your original loan amount.
My mother has paid on A student loan since she was 19, she is now 56 and guess what, the loan has not dropped a single dime. They just keep adding fees and changing to higher rates.
Student loans are a trap. Don’t get a student loan until you’re sure you can handle the payments. ( Better yet, pay off).
Here’s a fact;. Most college students don’t work in the field they studied in.
I’m not saying don’t go to college. Just that you may not have funds, to advance your career, right now.
But if you can go to college without paying an arm, and a leg ” then go for it.”
Having a good education is always best. Also, make sure the field you study in isn’t replaced by technology five years later.
Here’s a Exp: (A Certification was great in the late 90’s) now there are programs that can do the same IT job you studied for.
So study in fastest-growing industries, and future careers to which you enjoy.

10 Fastest Growing Jobs For College Grads:

1. Network systems and data communications analysts.
2. Medical assistants
3. Physician assistants
4. Computer software engineers, applications
5. Physical therapist assistants
6. Dental hygienists
7. Computer software engineers, systems softwaremake money
8. Dental assistants
9. Personal and home care aides
10. Network and computer systems administrators

Are you seeing a trend? Yes.
The list of the fastest growing jobs in USA. Unsurprisingly, the healthcare industry dominates the list.
Now if you have a criminal record, then forget about health care. ( I’m sorry to say but it’s true.) I had a Friend who finished nursing school only to find out later that she couldn’t receive her Nursing license because of her past criminal record.

“So do your homework first! ” Go to your local state or government sites and find out “how to expunge your criminal records.”

You may have to pay court fees, and it can take about six months to a year to clear your record.

(Some jobs may not hire you if you have a criminal record, even if you’ve been to college.). But wait, I just took out a $50,000 dollar loan, and now I can’t work in the field I studied in!

Here’s a better way! Did you know that many employers will would pay for your schooling? Most have agreements that when you complete your education, you have to work for them for certain amount of time. Career advancement free training, College and Tech school education, all paid for. Plus, you don’t have to worry about getting hired, because you already work for the company.

Ask your employer about Career advancement. Let them know that you would like to grow with the company. Ask if there are any education opportunities where you advance your career. If you have a state job, then even better. Most state employers offer college education as long as you work for the state.

It’s time to hustle!

Maybe you already have a great paying job, but need some extra money. Maybe your criminal records is so bad that you can’t have it expunged. Maybe you already own money on loans, and are just not making enough money to pay them.
If all else fails, then It’s time to hustle! Not everyone had parents that created a college plan, or saved money for your their future.
Not everyone inherited had a family business in which inherited. Money wasn’t passed down from relatives. Not everyone had good credit. (I didn’t have any good credit, didn’t learn about credit scores until I was 25. (Later on, I repaired my credit but I didn’t need it).
“This was my life!” I grew up in the hood. We had never owned a house. We rented apartments. Living check to check, even relying on food stamps so we could eat.

“But life changed for me.” I learned to hustle! Anything that I wanted, or bill I had to pay, ( I paid it!). I wanted to go to school, “so I did!”

Oh and I paid for it, no student loans. I needed a new car, so I got one. I now moved out of the hood, and own bought my house.
It took me about year, but I repaired my credit.
In this book, I will teach you how to hustle money. How to make money legally, and without taking advantage of people. This is not a get rich book. I’m only showing what worked, and how to make money.
What is the reason most get rich quick programs fail?
“Here’s the answer!” Because they tell you! Look carefully at the bottom of many get rich infomercials.
Most say, (” Individual results may vary.”)
What does this mean?
It means that not everyone will have the same result. Some may lose money,. Some may gain. Who knows?
In addition, many will try, and sell you other junk add -ons to increase your results.
They may say something like, upgrade your account, or buy our second DVD. All crap designed to make them even more money.
That’s not me,. In this book, I’m just going to break down my ideas of what has made me money.
I hope this book helps you save time, money and keeps you from getting being scammed by these marketers.

Let’s Get started
Now, with all that info out of the way, let’s get started. This book may contain spelling and grammar errors., but who cares,? You paid for the info, and that’s what I’m about to give you. By You buying this book I made me about $1.80 —maybe more. (But that’s a hustle). I already know your grammar jerks will leave my book bad reviews. You somehow can’t read the information because your corrective brain, see’s errors and just can’t stand it. You go on sites like Face B, and your brain shuts down because no one really cares about grammar on social networks. (Plus, a good editor cost around $1000 per book). So, I don’t have an editor yet but I am working on this. I am in no way a good writer but wanted to share the information, I have learned over the years. “Let’s make money not grade papers.”

So relax a bit, you will make money after reading this book.

To hustle up money! You will first need tools:

1. A computer with Internet access
If you don’t have a PC, use a smart phone, tablet, laptop, or just go to the local library, and use the computer. For Internet go to free Wi-Fi zones. (Fast food and coffee shops)
2. Basic tools: hammer, screwdrivers, wrench, box cutters, wire cutters. ( get all at dollar store)

3. Transportation: bike, car, (moped which is my favorite) gets 95 mpg. Bus pass… Whatever you need to get around, later this will maximize profits.
4. Your brain: Yes, you need to think about every move. Ask yourself questions. Is this worth my time? How much can I get for this? What is my goal?

What am I willing to do, for blank amount?
For Exp: If I told you to wash all 20 cars in the parking lot by 8:00pm for $200 can you do it?
Ask yourself questions!
Like, how many cars can I wash in 30 minutes then multiply by 20.
What time is it now?
What is the payment for not completing by 8:00pm?
And so on… But you get the point.

This will help develop a hustle brain. You decide if this opportunity is worth your time, or move on to the next opportunity.
( Most people would say “YES”

I’ll wash those cars for $200).
“Sounds good right!?”
But what is the going rate for washing one car in your area?
What happens if I scratch one of the cars by accident?
Ahh! Didn’t think about that! “Well, did you?”
This is why you need a “Hustle Brain.”
“Hold on a second!” What is a hustle brain? A hustle brain is the way you think. When you have mastered the art of hustling. Everything you see will have value and time.
Try this. You see a used bike for sale. It’s a nice bike, it’s worth $40 but they are selling for $20.
After buying the bike, getting it home,: time taken to get home gas used repairs final cost= $18
Now so far $20 $18 = $38
If you sell the bike for $40 you made $2 was this worth your time.
(Most people would say No! Though ist was a gain, just not worth my time for such little gain).
“Well that’s up to you!” If you goal was to gain $2 then yes it was worth it.
Having a hustle brain is seeing value of something by taking the necessary actions to gain a better value.
Over the years,I have learned how to hustle up money any time, when needed. By having this hustler brain, in which I could think of something quick, to produce my goal.

5. Check with your local laws,. Some ideas may need a Business license, Vending license, Insurance, and so on.

Most state business license only cost about $50 a year. If your profit under $5000 then you may not need to paying any taxes. ( The first year in most cases). This is considered hobby level business, not your main source of income. For exp: PayPal only reports Taxes when you sell over $20,000 worth of items on eBay. So check your local laws, the last thing you want to do is get a fine for not following rules. Some guys in Vegas were selling waters, making some good money. When suddenly law enforcement asked them for their vender permits. The guys who didn’t have one was given a $500 ticket, and shut down.

The guys who had their vender permits, continued to work, and made extra money because the competitors are now shut down.

“Let’s test your Hustle brain!”

You walk down the street, notice someone trashing a few items.
This is what you see:
1. Pair of old boots
2. Window squeegee
3. Some soda cans
4. Few empty boxes
5. An old vacuum

Look at these items, what values do you see?
What item or items would you take?

Here’s what I think:

1. The boots (depending on the brand and condition). can sell very well. What type of boot is it?
Motorcycle, construction, fishing…
Stop by a biker bar or construction site. Someone may buy them. (Make you clean them up a little.) Hey, it’s worth a try, right. Value $5- to $100
If you’re lucky.

2. Next the window Squeegee! “No.”

You’re not going to sell it. Here’s an idea. Go to the dollar store, and pick up some window cleaner. (Spray bottle is my preference). After that go window cleaning. Yes stores, small business may pay you to clean their storefront windows.

Value; $3-$40 per window

3. Soda cans not much value alone, but if you recycle them together those pennies add up.

Fill up a few trash bags, the value basically is unlimited. Find tons of cans, and bottles at the park picnic areas are best.

Sometimes the exit ramps on highways have hundreds of beer bottles, and soda cans. Due to the driving with open container laws, people toss them out there car windows., just before they drive on the main road. Value;

Penny to about 5 cent per can is ideal.

4. Now for the boxes. if they are moving boxes then you hit the jackpot.

Moving boxes cost about $5 each, at moving, and storage lots.
So list them online, with sites like Craigslist for free. If you’re having trouble selling them, just call up a few yard sale or moving ads.
You’d be surprised by how many people need boxes. Sell them for about $1-$3 each. (Create bundles and sell in bulk when you have enough). Also, don’t be afraid to ask local businesses if they have extra boxes. Many companies just give them away, so they don’t have to pay to trash them.

5. “And finally the old Vacuum!”

If you don’t mind getting a little dirty. Good vacuum’s, like Dyson can fetch a good penny —even used. When vacuums are clogged, most people just trash them.
Sometimes a good cleaning,; new rubber band belts, and bag change, will do the trick.
If all else fails call a few
Vacuum repair shops, and see if they want to buy your vacuums for parts. “Hey you never know!”
Value $10 to $ 400 if you’re lucky.
Now you see what I just did?
Took trash and turned it into cash.
Like the old saying, trash into treasure. Some of these totals may seem very low,but what do you have to lose? Free = Profit has worked for me.

I’ll talk more about how use your hustle brain to trash treasure hunt.
Next you need to remove Pride, and embarrassment.
Yes, you may get embarrassed!
Yes,your pride may prevent you from achieving your goals.

If I told you that 1 million dollars, is in the dumpster, and,”you can have it if you dig it out!”
I even showed you a picture of me tossing cash into the dumpster.
There is a 99{b8389cb534c56220436b7c7df4448ce874d967fd537c56c083963e8e1061c4d2} chance that you’d hop in that dumpster and start digging.
That’s because your pride and the feeling of being embarrassed didn’t stop you. You knew the outcome of your hard work and felt that digging in that dumpster would be worth the ridicule.
The hustler brain does not care about how he or she will be judged. The hustler only thinks about completing a goal.
(I only need to do this, so I can pay for that.)
This is only an example, so don’t judge me.(I have never sold drugs ).Growing up in the hood, I have seen people who are addictive to drugs, gambling and so on…
Now even without a job, somehow people managed to come up with funds needed to complete their goal.
But why?
The hustler brain!

Everyone has a hustler brain, but don’t use as often as we could,.
Black Friday sales,. Your hustle brain goes into over drive.
Searching for the best deals, standing outside for hours was worth saving a few dollars.
Now stand outside the same store on Saturday morning. ( Still think it’s worth it).Your hustle brain told you no way, wait until next year.

“How about this old saying.”
If everyone else jumped off the bridge, would you follow?

Most people would say,”No!”
The hustle brain say’s “Yes I’d advertise my parachute on the way down.”
You have to be willing to go out there, and make it happen.
Below is a list of things you can do, to hustle up some money.

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